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Ring Class every Wednesday from 8pm at

St Agnes Church Hall, Jutsums Lane, Romford

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Mary Beckett  

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Mary Beckett
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Ringcraft Class is every Wednesday from 8pm and Match Night is on the third Wednesday of the month is starting 8pm at:-

St Agnes Church Hall, Jutsums Lane, Romford, Essex. RM7 9HJ.


Miss Mary Beckett

Mary started showing dogs quite late in her life after retiring from her work in a bank. She was in her early 50's when she got her first Golden Retriever, Ben and whilst at an Exemption show, was told, by the Judge, to show him 'for real' as it were. And so it all began. Ben was Mary's life line and got her out of the house and dog showing became her life.

Some time later came Lucy, a rescue that Mary took on.

On her 60th birthday, Mary got Jamie, ("Xanthos Whistle and Flute", bred by Heather Morss), and they became 'Soul Mates', Jamie took her to Cruft's three times.

Time took its toll with Ben and Lucy passing over.

In 2008 another rescue, from within the extended family came along and Tessa was the last Golden Retriever to join the 'club' as a pet and both Jamie and Tessa joined Mary at shows.

In December, 2010, her 'Soul Mate' was taken from her, when Jamie passed away with Cancer.

Mary was Treasurer of SWECA for 16 years but a further decline in her health meant that she had to resign from this post in mid 2011 (Mary was a life long Diabetic and had a history of heart trouble)

Very soon after the decline in her health she suffered a stroke and she spent some several weeks in hospital but a further decline in her health resulted in her passing away on 26th March 2012 .

Mary Urpeth Beckett
2nd December, 1939 - 26th March, 2012

Mary, having never married, leaves behind a grieving Sister, Marguerite, and her Husband Mike, Nieces and Nephews, and Tessa.

She will be very sadly missed by all the committee and members at SWECA. Mary never missed a ringcraft in her 19 years as a SWECA Committee member.



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